Food Inequalities Rebellion is campaigning for the #righttofoodldn

We demand the government enshrines the right to food in UK law, and takes the first step by including the right to food in its National Food Strategy white paper.

What you can do:

  1. SIGN OUR PETITION: Call on Sadiq Khan to make London a Right to Food City
  2. Join the Right to Food Campaign on Twitter @RightToFoodLDN
  3. Become a Right to Food Borough
  4. As a Labour Party Member or Trade Union Branch Member pass THIS motion
  5. Contact your Mayor and Cabinet members
    • Questions for Cabinet members, Mayor, Local councillors
      • Will you demand the government enshrines Right To Food in UK Law and includes it in the National Food Strategy White Paper?
      • Join Liverpool, Manchester, and others in naming London a Right To Food City?
      • Will you support the Right to Food Campaign and its calls for legal change that hold national governments responsible and accountable and demonstrates practical commitments through universal free school meals, protecting living incomes, and developing community kitchens?
      • Will you review current food and nutrition policy in line with a right-based context and ensure it is integrated across all areas of council policy?
      • Include a commitment to fight for the Right to Food in 2022 Council Manifesto?

Food Inequalities Rebellion is proud to support Ian Byrne, Fans Supporting Foodbanks, and Unite the Union in their Right to Food campaigns

FIR supports the #righttofood campaign. We believe it aligns with our desire to see schools as centers for community nutrition, #freeschoolfoodforall, and it assures the rights of all people to have equitable and nutritious food.

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